Saturday, September 30, 2023

Allyn Reid

Allyn Reid Interview at the 2023 The Three E Event
Liza Boubari interviews Allyn Reid at The 3E Event

Allyn Reid is a facilitator, community builder, producer, editor, and host.

Allyn Reid

“I’m on a mission to build soul literacy in humanity.”

~ Allyn Reid

Allyn is the co-founder of Secret Knock Conference, a Forbes Must-Attend event for entrepreneurs. Liza met Allyn at the Secret Knock Conference and knew she would be a soulful and impactful addition to the 3E Event experience.

Secret Knock brings together the best and brightest minds on the planet to create the most valuable business networking event. Attendees comprise some of the most influential minds in this world, from the former President of Mexico to the inventor of the credit card. Not only is it valuable, but very exclusive. This is the place to meet anyone from billion-dollar company founders to Grammy winners.

She is the editor and host of Woomanity, a leadership development hub. She is the producer of Wishman, a movie about the life of Make-a-Wish founder, Frank Shankwitz.

Allyn is passionate about books, beauty, and impact. She possesses a curiosity about the origin of ideas, the motivations of people, and the sensibilities of cultures. She enjoys assisting others in reaching their full potential and being an amplifier of their missions.

She says, “If you’ve got a rocket, I can create the foundation you can launch from. Maintenance is not really my thing. Strategy, visionary work, and growing creatively is my sweet spot.”

She works with leading entrepreneurs who lose touch with themselves as they’re getting to the top of their game. She helps them figure out what their life mission is. And make sure that they remember who they really are as they reach their goals.

She has always been motivated to succeed in the business side of her life. She knows what it’s like to have big goals and do anything in your power to succeed at them. In 2010, she became the first Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.