Saturday, September 30, 2023

Natalie Shaghzoian

We are so excited to welcome Natalie Shaghzoian, Holistic Healer, to the 8th annual The 3E Event.

Natalie Shaghzoian - 3E 2022 Speaker

Natalie Shaghzoian was exposed to holistic medicine at a very young age. From acupuncture to energy healing, to herbal remedies, and even to reflexology, Natalie has been able to use these methods of healing to get through everything she experienced in her life. She discovered a passion for helping those around her through these different modalities as she found out how they worked to balance physical, mental, and spiritual health.
What attracted Natalie to Chinese medicine was its holistic and interactive approach to healing. The main goal with this type of medicine is to empower the patients so they learn to listen to their own bodies for when disease is present. Giving patients the foundation of healthy Qi flow within their meridian systems is the beginning of creating a healthy space within their body.
Natalie attended Emperor’s College where she received a Master’s in Tradition Chinese Medicine. She interned for 2 years at Emperor’s College where she gained valuable experience dealing with a wide range of patients suffering from different ailments, and externed for 1 year at Fenya Healing in Montrose, California, where she worked alongside her mother as a second generational Acupuncturist.
The philosophy behind Chinese medicine is to help bring balance through both emotional and physical health. Natalie aids her patients in finding the solution to both understand and work through their emotions to ensure the free flow of Qi- the vital force of life.

Some FAQ About Natalie Shaghzoian

What obstacles or challenges have you faced or overcome?

Throughout my adolescence, I struggled with anxiety and depression. I went through a long period of confusion and hopelessness, but through holistic medicine, I was able to find a new appreciation for life. I would spend a lot of time alone with my thoughts, whether it was during acupuncture treatments or meditations, and it helped me find myself. That’s when I decided that I needed to learn this medicine so that I could help those who struggled the same way I did.

What are you most proud of?

Being apart of a medicinal practice that shows people compassion and patience. Providing a space that allows people to feel heard.