Saturday, September 30, 2023

Jennifer Horspool

We are so excited to have the extraordinary Jennifer Horspool as our Mistress of Ceremonies at the 9th Annual The 3E Event.

About Jennifer Horspool

Jennifer L. Horspool, Engagement & Pr Marketing, is an award-winning international speaker inspiring and influencing audiences of thousands with insights and expertise to elevate their brands, minds, and successes. As a global brand strategist, PR, marketing, and branding expert, and founder of Engagement PR & Marketing, Jennifer has turned brands around from unknown, unliked, old, stodgy, and boring into the go-to experts of their industries and she’s grown brands from zero dollars (or vision) to multi-million dollars and one that hit a billion dollars in less than 3 years. She has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-ups—with and without funding—to Fortune 500, including brands such as Amgen, McKesson, US Oncology, Proxima Clinical Research, Platinum Dermatology Partners, US Anesthesia Partners, Allied OMS, Pacific Power Reps, the American Cancer Society, Xerox, Pepsi, and dozens of others.

As a speaker, she shares stages with A-list celebrities such as Christy Brinkley, Brooke Shields, Michael Douglas, Hugh Hilton, Mark Wahlberg, Maura Forbes, Bill Walsh, JT Foxx, Manny Lopez, Sharon Lechter, Leigh Steinberg, and dozens of others, speaking on topics from mindset to brand building to how to get in the media and what to do once you do.

She is a graduate of California State University Fullerton where she studied Communications, Public Relations, and Health Sciences. She is an International Coaching Federation™ and accredited Business Coach and she offers programs to business owners, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and others interested in growing their brand from regular to Rockstar to become the known authority in their industry.

Some Q & A

What obstacles or challenges have you faced or overcome?

After a successful 20+ year climb up the corporate ladder and a company merger that made all the investors happy, I launched my own business in the summer of 2015. As my colleagues left the company to launch businesses of their own, my phone kept ringing, “Jennifer, can you do over here what you did for us over there?” My business was handed to me on a silver platter―only my entrepreneurial skills were not. The biggest challenge was switching from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset and realizing my worth and the value of my work in business dollars. A follower of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I knew I needed to stop and sharpen the saw quite often, but I had the inability – because all I saw was how much work had to get done! I worked round the clock, round the calendar. In 2017, I entered the speaking, and coaching world once again, joined Vistage, and delved into learning everything I could about business, entrepreneurship, and brand building, and I’ve continued to elevate my skills in PR, media, messaging, brand reputation, crises management, marketing and business overall to give my clients and my team the wisdom of my learnings.

What are you most proud of?

My favorite career success story is turning around the US Oncology brand from unknown and unliked into the go-to resource for media and in the industry regarding oncology-focused evidenced-based medicine, clinical research, patient care, revenue cycle, and other topics of interest.

When I started, the company had gotten bit from the media 4 years prior. They did nothing to claim their brand in the public. If you googled their name, you got United States cancer statistics and that was it. Since they didn’t claim their brand, their competitors did for them. Guess what? Competitors don’t always say the best or most accurate things about your business. So US Oncology had no brand outside of community oncology and a negative brand within it. We flipped their messaging upside down, showed their unique value through various avenues of expertise, and got them 350 media articles in the first year, followed by 500- 600 media articles every year since. We made the company brand relevant and caught the attention of many suitors. We sold to McKesson Corporation for $2.2 Billion in just two and one-quarter years.