Saturday, September 30, 2023

Michael Mezmer

Michael Mezmer, Phenomenist at the 2023 The 3E Event
Michael Mezmer at the 2023 The 3E Event

Michael Mezmer combines his talents as one of the world’s top-performing hypnotists with his award-winning skills in the field of DangerMagik to create amazing performances.

Michael Mezmer

“We do not make mistakes. Everything that we do is a learning experience. “Mistakes” are essentially a lack of experience expressing itself at an inopportune moment in time.”

~ Michael Mezmer

Michael has performed in 24 countries worldwide, for presidents, princesses, and superstars of the entertainment world including Michael Jackson.

Michael has appeared on both national and international television, at major amusement parks, casinos, fairs, festivals, and on cruise ships.

He is the most award-winning hypnotist in the history of show business, having been awarded an unprecedented 16 awards for “Outstanding Professional Presentation” from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Michael has also received multiple awards from the Society of American Magicians for his magic phenomena show including Illusion Act of the Year!

Michael has toured 25 countries around the world, performing at major entertainment venues before standing-room-only crowds. Acknowledged by his peers as a master of hypnosis, Michael has been a guest lecturer and starring performer at the “International Hypnotherapy Conference.” He was dubbed “The Hypnotist’s Hypnotist” by the legendary Gil Boyne creator of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Holding a degree in psychology and being an A.C.H.E. certified “Clinical Hypnotherapist” Michael is also a much sought-after lecturer for corporate events and universities around the country, as well as a nationally published author. Michael’s many awards include the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs’ “Entertainer Of The Year”, an “Entertainment Division Award” from the Western Fairs Association, a “Medal of Commendation” presented by General Brian Arnold, the Commander United States Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center and multiple “Special Recognition Awards” from the prestigious A.C.H.E. for outstanding professional presentation.