Saturday, September 30, 2023

Jasmine Montoya

Jasmine Montoya of Coaching by Jasmine was the Healing Facilitator at the 8th annual The 3E Event. We were so pleased to welcome her.

We are all soulful beings having a human experience, and few people recognize that more than a spiritual guide.

Jasmine Montoya
Jasmine Montoya - 3E 2022 Speaker and Healing Facilitator

Jasmine Montoya is a Life Alchemist and Trauma Survivor. She is a spiritual space holder & intuitive guide who walks beside and empowers souls on their path to self-actualization, self-love, and inner peace. Attuned as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Sound Healer, and Dharana Meditation Teacher, Jasmine has spent over a decade on her own spiritual awakening and now guides those souls who are awakened and on their healing journey. She has been featured in USA Today, Thrive Global, Well Insiders, Love What Matters, HeyMama, and Bustle.

Jasmine grew up as a first-generation American in a Colombian family., She has overcome adversity, shame, trauma, and judgment. She uses her decade-long healing journey experience to help other women shift their mindset, prioritize self-care, and ultimately find a feeling of inner peace.

At age 15, Jasmine was assaulted, with her perpetrator holding a gun to her head. From that moment on, her life was never the same. Living with PTSD due to the trauma and having limited access to mental health help, Jasmine struggled to feel safe in her body. Years later, she manifested her dream job with a multinational corporation and moved to NYC, rising to the top of her industry. She got married. They were expecting a baby. Jasmine had checked all the metaphorical boxes and had a life that looked great on paper. Life should have felt full, but there was an emptiness inside that she couldn’t ignore.

In 3 years, she left her dream job, moved to California, filed for divorce, and began raising her son as a single mom. The pain was real, but so was the feeling of inner peace, and this was when Jasmine started to tune out the world, listen to her inner voice, and live more intuitively. She was attuned as a Reiki Master, became a Crystal and Sound Healer, and learned the ways of a Dharana Meditation Teacher.

Jasmine is a warrior with the strength of 1,000 men and the heart of a healed mother. She can dance between realms, see the unseen, and transmute deep-rooted ancestral trauma. Having many gifts, Jasmine will tell you her true gift is to see your soul–the real you–through your facade, through your pain, without judgment, and to hold space for it all.

Some FAQ About Jasmine Montoya

What obstacles or challenges have you faced or overcome?

I have healed generational trauma, I’ve healed my trauma of being a victim of gun violence at the age of 15, and I gave up my comfy cushy job in the beauty industry to coach and help heal others.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of being someone who has faced multiple soul-crushing experiences in this lifetime and with that, I am still here with an open healed heart sharing my light and showing others how to do the same!