Saturday, September 30, 2023

Lisa MacCarley

We are so pleased to have Lisa MacCarley as a speaker at the 8th Annual The 3E Event.

Lisa MacCarley - 3E 2022 Speaker

Lisa has been a probate and conservatorship attorney since 1993. She became a reform activist in 2019 when she realized that the probate court was inflicting needless harm on consumers. In 2020, she learned about the violations of Britney Spears’ constitutional rights and became internationally recognized as a leader of the probate court reform movement.

Lisa attended Loyola Law School and was admitted to practice law in California in 1993. A former New York state resident, she attended the State University of New York College (SUNY), Cortland.

After visiting Los Angeles to thaw out after four long years in the arctic tundra of upstate New York, Lisa fell in love with the City of Angels and has lived here ever since. Lisa MacCarley worked as a law clerk in 1990, and by 1997 had established her practice in Glendale as an estate and probate lawyer.

Some Q&A

Lisa, what obstacles or challenges have you faced or overcome?

Until the #FreeBritney movement became internationally recognized, no one wanted to know about the abuse, trauma, and exploitation that is rampant in the probate courts throughout the nation. The topic of conservatorship abuse was simply not “sexy” enough for any journalist or politician.

What are you most proud of?

That I showed up to support the young people who wanted only to #FreeBritney and I was part of an international movement that succeeded not only in freeing Britney but also in encouraging new federal law to be introduced and California state law to be changed.

Lisa joins the other speakers for the 8th Annual The 3E Event, including our founder, Liza Boubari, our Title sponsor, Michael D. Butler, our Mistress of Ceremonies, Jennifer L Horspool, and Mel Mason, the clutter expert, political consultant, Baydsar Thomasian, and pain-free living authority, Conni Ponturo, Natalie Shaghzoian, Holistic Healer, and our Health Facilitator, Jasmine Montoya.