Saturday, September 30, 2023

Patrina Wisdom

Patrina Wisdom is an unshakable optimist and we are so delighted to bring her to the 8th annual The 3E Event stage.

Patrina Wisdom - 3E 2022 Speaker

Patrina Wisdom serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, financial expert, educator, retreat host, podcaster, and overall Badass Bodacious Mom. This Ted X Speaker is on a mission with her Badass Bodacious Life Movement to lead, inspire and empower women.

After losing her husband of 20 years to suicide in 2009 and learning that she was pregnant with her fourth child the same day, Patrina took her personal story and decades of experience as an entrepreneur and fearless business leader and began the process of creating her brand the Badass Bodacious Life.

“To live a Badass Bodacious life means to own your truth and to take up space through total and unapologetic self-expression” , states Wisdom.”

Patrina’s The Badass Bodacious Life Movement is equipping women nationwide to be the CEO of their lives. As an influential speaker for women, Patrina speaks at many conferences about the importance of mindfulness and wellness where she inspires women to live healthy and balanced lives. The impactful delivery of her motivational talks for women, move audiences into action as she teaches leadership through her insights and experiences.

With a penchant for high levels of detail, fierce female advocacy, and unmatched professionalism, Patrina is a firm believer in integrity, quality, respect, trust, courage, and ultimately living a life of abundance.

Whether it’s through personal development, spiritual attunement, or financial growth -Patrina is deeply passionate about showing women how to achieve long-term fulfillment, harmony, and peace of mind in all areas of their lives.

Find out more about Patrina at Pure Abunance Inc.

Q & A With Patrina Wisdom

What challenges have you overcome to be where you are today?

I’ve overcome a long list of challenges but the catalyst for everything that I am and do today was the loss of my husband in 2009 to suicide and learning that I was pregnant with y 4th child on the same day.

Knowing your purpose today, what gives you energy and lights you up?

My relationship with myself, my family, and knowing that everything I do is inspired and supported by Spirit.

What does it mean to have a “positive” attitude – how do you keep a balance at work and home, your health, and your dreams?

I practice impeccable Sacred Self Care, and I optimize my life through systems and scheduling so that I can feel free. I also wake up each day full of gratitude because I understand that each day is a gift.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my tenacity, unshakable faith, and resilience. Who I’ve become and what I’ve created despite the tragedy that I was faced with (becoming a widow and single mom of four children).