Saturday, September 30, 2023

Meet the Speakers for 2023

The 3E Event has been graced by many of the most influential and heartfelt speakers.
The 9th annual 3E Event is no different. A two-day positioning power-up of thought leaders, authors, extraordinary entrepreneurs, and forces of nature will inspire you to
Evoke-passion, Embrace-femininity, Evolve-spiritually… You Matter.

Speakers of Past Four – 3E Events

To view all prior years, please visit HealWithin.

The 3E Event 2022 – Westin Rancho Mirage Resort and Spa

Speakers at 2019 3E Event
The 3E Event 2019 was held at Castaways

3E 2019 Speakers – Castaways, Burbank

Armine Gharpetian DDS

Armina Gharpetian DDS

Dr. Armina Gharpetian is a member of the Glendale School Board.

Christeil Gota

Christeil Gota

Christeil Gota is CEO of Hawaii Cancer Care and a Business and Healthcare IT Consultant    

Dr. Carolyn Rowley

Dr. Carolyn Rowley

Dr. Carolyn Rowley is the Founder of the Cayenne Wellness Center.

Speakers at the 2018 3E Event
The 3E Event 2018

3E 2018 Speakers – Castaways, Burbank

Danisha Danielle

Danisha Danielle

Danisha Danielle Wrighster, owner of a multi-million dollar commercial real estate business. 

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Dr. Marie Mbouni is a Clarity Coach and works online and in-person with clients and groups.

Sue Wong

Sue Wong

Sue Wong truly captures and embodies through her work, her mantra of Beauty. 

Speakers at the 2017 3E Event
The 3E Event 2017

3E 2017 Speakers – Embassy Suites, Glendale

Dr. Silvia Kotikian

Dr. Sylvia Kotikian

Serves as the co-chair of the Emergency Department at Glendale Adventist. She is an active member of the GAMC staff.

Nelly Farnoody Zahiri Phd

Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, Ph.D.

Specializes in learning disabilities, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder – ADHD and anxiety issues.

Elissa Glickman

Elissa Glickman

Elissa joined Glendale Arts in 2004, as the Dir. of Marketing and Resource Development, rising to the position of CEO in 2012. 

Jenny Mankerian

Jenny Mankerian

Mankerian has been a reporter, editor, translator, and public relations specialist, a teacher, academic and college advisor, and private tutor.