Awaken the Power Within

September 30, 2023, 9 am to 6 pm at the Glendale Embassy Suites

The 3e Event - September 30, 2023 - Embassy Suites, Glendale CA

Awaken The Power Within

The 3E Event LIVE – an impactful, uplifting, and expressive event – empowering women.

Release negative behaviors to foster growth;
Reclaim your sense of self-worth;
Regain control of your emotions and thoughts.
Realize new opportunities and resources; and
Reaffirm your soul’s personal and professional purpose.

Saturday, September 30th
9 am to 6 pm
Embassy Suites, Glendale CA


Together, we journey to
Awaken THE power within!

Ready to ..
Evoke Emotions: Discover the power of your emotions and learn to harness them for personal growth and empowerment.

Embrace Femininity: Embrace the unique qualities that make you a phenomenal woman and celebrate your individuality.

Evolve to be the Best YOU: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal evolution guided by expert speakers and a supportive community.

Awaken The Power Within

September 2023 will be our 9th Annual 3E Event. It is proof that power is generated when women collaborate, motivate, and inspire each other. We will focus on restoring our mental wellness and harness the immense power that arises when women unite, motivate, and inspire one another.

The 3E Event is as an impactful experience!

The 3E Event is an experience of creativity, discovery, and collaboration where attendees learn about emotional and mental wellness and the journey within. We are more effective when we gather as a tribe. Let’s motivate and empower one another.

The 3E Event is a sanctuary for growth, where mental healing is as profound as the impact we create together. It’s an immersive journey of creativity, discovery, and collaboration that enhances your mental wellness, leading you to unlock the extraordinary potential that resides within you.

This event is curated with the aim to spark personal and professional development and help you reconnect with the best version of yourself – one that is strong, empowered, and divine!

…be part of a legacy

The 3E Mission is an impactful, uplifting, and expressive
event – bringing awareness, education, expertise,
resources, and a sense of community to all who attend.

The 3E Event Group

We want those touched by 3E to know they can Elevate by Opening Hearts, Expanding Minds, and Transforming Lives.

Shared Experiences at The 3E Event for 2022 - You Can't Miss the Next One

Together, we journey to Awakening our power within!

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The 3E Event 2023
Liza welcomes you to the 3E Event
Liza Boubari, Founder and Host of the 3E Event

My main focus and intention for 3E is to create a platform for individuals, especially women, and girls, to accept and appreciate who they are, elevate their consciousness, and have opportunities to share, and be inspired for a kinder and more positive world.

We are more effective when we gather as a tribe.  We can inspire and elevate one another. We want those who are touched by 3E to learn that they have the potential to Elevate by Opening Hearts, Expanding Minds, Transforming Lives, and being part of a legacy.

Awaken The Power Within

Your life is entirely in your making!
You will be wrapped around in…Grace, Compassion, Joy, and breathing a little deeper… Awakening Your Inner Power…

What do you want to see, be, and feel?
At this Live in-person event, together we will journey to

  • Experience and make impactful moments
  • Learn from top-notch speakers
  • Share tools that can be used both personally and professionally
  • Participate in powerful healing exercises
  • Collaborate with each other to create a stronger community
  • Shop and mingle with unique vendors
  • Become part of  our private Facebook group to stay in touch after the event
  • Meet and greet with authors and celebrities
  • Enjoy healthy meals
  • Red Carpet celebration!

Together, we learn to embrace and use external powers, develop the self-esteem and vision we need to weather potential obstacles, and connect with other women through supportive relationships.


We learn and experience:

  • Tapping to re-connect within and with others
  • Hard-won insights and advice from trailblazing women leaders
  • No-nonsense discussion about the issues affecting women, children, wealth, health, and wellness
  • Useful tools to help you overcome emotional blocks and internal barriers
  • Inspiration from women who reach out effectively to improve their community at large

The secret code that unleashes the level of impact you want to make, dwells within you…. And it’s time to activate it.

The time has come to Awaken Your Inner Power, maneuver past certain obstacles, acquire specific skills, meet your goals, and transform your life.

The 3E Tribe is for You if you are ready to:

  • Influence your life’s course
  • Own your personal power
  • Capitalize on your feminine strengths
  • Master your personal attitudes and perceptions
  • Live in joy and connection
  • Define and live your legacy

REGISTER for this epic event!

Join us…

Gift yourself this time to be inspired, share and learn, feel empowered and uplifted, and return home, feeling rejuvenated, reconnected within, and saying YES to YOU!

Awaken Your Inner Powers.  The 3E Event is creating a safe space where women come to reconnect to their true Self.

Yes, and that can be YOU.

  • Learn how to overcome a host of difficult life events
  • Be a successful and high achiever
  • Be part of a sisterhood
  • Touch the lives of motherless children
  • Let go of what was, resume and expand your life
  • Find a tribe and community of like-minded women

The 3E Tribe is for You if you are ready to:

  1. Awaken your inner power
  2. Capitalize on your feminine strengths
  3. Master your personal attitudes and perceptions
  4. Live in joy and connection
  5. Influence your life’s course
  6. Define and live your legacy



Ruth Charles

What an exhilarating day you programmed for all the participants of the 3E Event. Glendale is proud to Claim You my friend. It was my great honor to give the invocation before lunch. 

Chef Penny Davidi

Liza Boubari you are inspirational! Motivational! Spiritual! Loving! And oh so incredibly talented thank you for opening my world to a whole new path! Loved the event!

The 3E Event

Electrifying, Invigorating, Liberating, Sensational, and Captivating 
Must be experienced!
 Transformational, Uplifting, Immersive, and Awe-inspiring!

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