Woomanity – Allyn Reid

Woomanity – Allyn Reid

Allyn Reid is one of the speakers at the upcoming The 3E Event and the host of Woomanity, a leadership development hub.

Allyn is on a mission to raise soul literacy. 

As a producer, community cultivator, and advisor, she has interfaced with businesses from paper napkin startups to Fortune 500 companies. She found that business is often personal. The magnitude of external success often has a matching disconnect in the internal psyche. Technical know-how to success is easy to come by.  Yet basic tools for the soul (that actually work) are rare. This is where she comes in. Hopefully, only briefly… to support in building soul dialogue. Once you learn them for yourself, they are yours to use and grow the rest of your life. This is soul literacy.

She works with leading entrepreneurs who lose touch with themselves as they’re getting to the top of their game. Allyn help you figure out what your life mission is. And make sure that you remember who you really are as you reach your goals. 

Allyn has always been motivated to succeed in the business side of my life. She knows what it’s like to have big goals and do anything in your power to succeed at them. In 2010, she became the First Filipina to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Allyn and Woomanity have been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

Allyn is also the co-founder of Secret Knock Conference, a Forbes Must-Attend event for entrepreneurs. Liza met Allyn at the Secret Knock Conference and knew she would be a soulful and impactful addition to the 3E Event experience.